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For English speaking clients


» » For Businessowners at Gran Canaria who like to connect with the german market at!

If you speak English and can not understand our website, we offer the following service: you can perform your business listing (all kind of business) or to place a classified ad. We are happy to translate your information into the German language. To reach the potential customers on the German market. This service is free. We only charge the costs, which would cost the entries in our directories. We put the Info into your Ad or classified, that the customers need to contact you in english!

All Categories are possible
All categories are possible. AZ Directory, Activities, classifieds, real estate, hotels, jobs, events, clubs and even coupons. Contact us by mail at We will immediately take care of your request!

If you have more then just one Business we have even more possibilitys to make a special offer. Thank you very much!